Lee F. Coty, Co-founder

Lee F. Coty is co-founder of Interactive Intelligence and contributing editor of INT2view.com, an e-publication. Ms. Coty’s unique perspective combined with her communication skills results in a column directed specifically toward an expanding population of individuals requiring assistive as well as “boomer” friendly technology.

In 1982, Ms. Coty co-founded DBIS Inc. As President and CEO of DBIS, Inc. her duties included, financial planning, strategic direction and client consulting. In 1989, Ms. Coty and her partner Brad Pransky co-founded INT2.com to address the evolving Internet market.

Ms. Coty began her career writing LEAA grants for Delaware County, PA and writing expansion grants for several hospitals in the Philadelphia area. She later functioned as a Human Services Director and then as Assistant Hospital Administrator.

Ms. Coty's perspectives have been published in various journals and newsletters. Ms. Coty served as Editor for "The Complete Guide To Strategic Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations for Attorneys" by Benson Fishman. She coordinated and instructed a program for computer literacy within the Main Line Adult educational system.

Ms. Coty also served as an officer of the American Association for Personnel Administrators, and on the Board of the Variety Club Camp (an International charity dedicated to helping Handicapped Children).

Ms. Coty was born in Paris, France and came to the United States just before her sixth birthday.  

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